Maroonandwhite has lost it

Great stuff today:clap:

Only after realising that thread tools icon existed a few minutes ago:D

Bad sign when this simpleton thinks he can have a go at me. Revealing day though, before this @Mac[/USER] was the only poster well able to give and take a big of slagging. Other bland fools like @[USER=110]Fran[/USER] @[USER=112]Gman[/USER] this retard above and of course @[USER=9]Bandage all have to gang up, going silent any time ive slagged them before. All thinking their safe because bandage is involved. Cowardly cunts.

I think you’re getting a rough deal but help yourself: there, their, they’re and your and you’re

Point taken. Just showing themselves up for the cowards they are, plenty of sound lads on this board but no harm exposing the bluffers.

You have made a fool of yourself all over the forum, you utter spastic:D. @Mark Renton has strung you up like a kipper

@Mark Renton = Poster of the Year.

You cowardly cunt, ive called you out several times in the past few months and got no response and yet today you weigh in when you’re not on your own. Fucking pussy. Do you actually realise how brain dead you are and how pointless and bland your posts are, seriously like?

The line of cowards grows. This one desperate to be accepted will agree with anything the majority says.

Yes I will (or no I won’t) argghhhhhh!

Compliment accepted you weirdo

It wasnt a compliment. I was explaining to the rest tbeyve sunk so low they’re even below you.


@maroonandwhite has lost the plot. He’s jumping from thread to thread like a crazed lunatic calling out all the bluffers.

Without a shadow of a doubt people who jump in and have a go at others on the INTERNET were bullied as children, and cant stand up for themselves in real life. mac fran, mbb, croppy boy, bandage, the simple child who started this thread. Every normal poster is laughing at ye and me for being stupid enough to rise to ye

Hes called out @G-frandage anyway

I was having no spat with you today, care to explain why all of a sudden you got involved?

Mate, there ain’t no such thing as a normal poster around here

He got bored reading one of his posts

Plenty of them mate. Plenty of hotheads like me and plenty of cowardly cunts who are afraid to get involved in an argument (online for fucks sake) on their own but feel strong because admins are involved. All sorts in this place!

Why would I waste my time responding to you “calling me out”. I don’t rate you or your opinions and the vast majority of the time pay little or no heed to your posts on account of you being an absolute simpleton who continually throws a strop as soon as his opinion is challenged or contradicted. It is a waste of time. Your attempts at banter and insults are unbelievably shit and make you come across a bitter teenager with your carry on.

I couldn’t care less if you think my posts are brain dead or bland, you are an idiot and the vast majority of posters on here see you exactly for what you are.