Match the Poster to the PM

Following on from Facehop 2010 I’ve decided to post a selection of the pm’s and instant messages I received from seething forum members.

Can you match the pm to the poster?


A. Dunph
B. Julio Geordio
C. Farmerinthecity
D. Thrawneen
E. Pikeman
F. Caoimhaoin
G. Soul Dressing
H. The Puke


Here. What’s your problem?

What the fuck are you at? Are you on drugs? Take that down

runty what are you doing with a link of my buddys facebook page

Why the fuck is my facebook page coming up on that link you have on tfk. Thats way out of line fella / I reported you to Bandage you cunt

Take that down you bollox

Get rid of that post now you fucking wanker / At least own up to it you prick… / If you don’t get rid of it in ten minutes then you’ll be banned from here for a while / Fuck you

Why would you do that? Seriously Runt? :angry:

What are you at Runt? Don’t recall doing anything to you at all?

3 & 6 are my favourites

    1. :smiley:

No 6 must be Bandage or Rocko surely, who else could have the power to ban?

runty what are you doing with a link of my buddys facebook page


that was me, thought runty was after having a case of mistaken identity, friend uses my laptop to check his facebook…I don’t have a facebook page and occasionally use his for perving…had a good look at bandage’s sister the other week B)

3 is classic :lol:

I know the answer to one or 2 but will leave it for a while, I wonder will the posters claim their own PM’s?

Worst attempt at a cover up ever!!! Fair play for putting in the effort though Puke ha ha .

5 was me. Some classic matierial here

The Puke has his story here and is sticking to it strongly. :smiley:

a few members on here know my real name, they can do a search on facebook and verify that i don’t have a page dude…

+1 :smiley:

I’d say most people could guess who the angriest ones are from.

#6 is my favourite.
Must be Dunph, he’s the only deluded fool who thinks he has admin powers.

A. Dunph 9438
B. Julio Geordio 2222
C. Farmerinthecity 13884
D. Thrawneen 2977
E. Pikeman 5465
F. Caoimhaoin 7816
G. Soul Dressing 491
H. The Puke 18140
Total Posts 60433

This is the benchmark for future ballhops.
It will never be outdone.

Think 6 is the next most obvious one.

I can vouch for this…

  1. Julio
  2. Farmer
  3. Puke
  4. Kev
  5. Pikeman
  6. Soul Dressing
  7. Dunph
  8. Thrawneen

I’m going 8 Kev

Thanks mate, i used to use the same lads bebo page to abuse farmer :lol:

go fuck yourself- i pm the dunph the story with this early doors - if he PMed its a reverse ball hop(whatever a ball hop is)

Im thinking.
4. Kev
7. Dunph

Runt, without giving away any of 1-8, would you mind telling us who was the first to stumble blindly into the trap?

Sure it is, you incoherent mess.