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Great Idea SS.

The decision on whether or not to grant planning permission for the Opera Center is to be made in the coming week. Hopefully it gets the go ahead, but I suppose even if it does it'll be unlikely to be built anytime soon.


Lads have builders' holidays started already?

I was passing that big site out the Dublin Road on the right before you come to the Travellodge yesterday and the whole place looked deserted apart from the six motionless cranes.


I thought the Opera house was scapped?


There's an opera house in Wexford, do we need one in Limerick too?


I'm sure this is the thread where The Dunph will have to answer searching questions like on what street did Kevin McManus have his bookies shop on etc.

I was always disappointed to learn that the Opera Centre would not actually contain an Opera house, I think that's false advertising.

I was in the ancient city yesterday and I thought the place had a defiant air about it, bustling shops and businesses carrying on as normal while the rest of the country is mired in gloom.


Not really an Opera House, more like Wexford Town Community Centre, Keith Barry is doing magic there this week.


i heard Liam Carroll gave the men an extra few weeks off this summer while he gets on top of a few small issues he has elsewhere.


Ah right so.

Good name. :guns:


It's named in honour of this bird:

In a nod to the areas heritage, the Opera Centre is named after famous opera singer, Catherine Hayes, who was born at 4 Patrick Street.

This building will now be renovated as a museum in her honour and to reflect the furnishings and dcor of the building as it would have been during her lifetime.


I must say I envy Wexford's embrace of the arts, my dream is that a production like 'The Ghosts of Versailles' could take place in my own native city, however the Limerick authorities pretty much ignore the arts or indeed any attempt at a festival of any kind.

We must be the only city in the country without a festival worthy of the name. I had toyed with the idea of founding The Richard Harris Memorial Film Festival but I couldn't get backing from the city fathers. It would have been a superb event centred around the cineplex at the Cresent Shopping Centre.


Then why not call it after her then? :guns:


The Milk Market is going to become a proper 7-day a week market in the next 12 months. The market on a Saturday morning is very popular and very useful if you need fresh vegtables or hubcaps.


Is Limerick still festooned with Munster flags and bunting or have the city fathers replaced them with the green and white for the Summer?


I actually enjoyed a pear tartlet from the Milk Market on saturday after my pretentious sister bought a few down there recently. The idea of buying fresh or home made produce out in the open air when you can go to Tesco seems idiotic to me. Some people get notions.


In fairness to the cunts there are loads of Green and White flags up.


That change is long gone. The green and white flew proudly last time I was down in the place.

Granted Laois nearly lowered it last Saturday.


Surely fruit and veg bought at a market is better than the tripe they have on sale in the big name supermarkets? Cheaper also no doubt.


A win on Sunday and we will have both teams competing into August.


It's tough being one of the main dual counties.