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They also fuck away the bottom third of a pint because that’s where the hangover is. True story




They could be right. I’ve never been able to afford to try


I was told yesterday by a work colleague from foynes that some bunch of the cousins had bought the lantern in Tarbert and have a bunch of Chinese running it. True or not?


Well it’s open alright and I did hear there was Chinese running it but I’m not sure about the cousins bit.



That is a neat piece of reporting.

“Other stressors”


Justice is done.


The judge granted an application allowing for the immediate payout of €500 to cover the cost of replacing two beds which were damaged as a result of the plaintiff’s Enuresis.

However, he refused an application by the boy’s mother for an additional payout to cover the cost of a family holiday. “I’m not disposed to approve a pay out, it’s (the damages) not for holiday purposes,” he said. In keeping with normal practice, the monies awarded will be invested by the Courts Service and will not be paid out to the young boy until he turns 18.

Looking for money for a holiday :roll_eyes:


€12500 for a few empty boxes he probably pulled down on himself :sweat_smile:


Your money.


Your’s soon too mate


Looks like they did a fine job on the old daffys on Catherine street which is now the continental bar. One of the lads who had the blind pig has it, so between that and canteen across the road, Catherine street will be full of lads with groomed beards


Is it open? Serious work going on in bentleys at the minute. Looks like they are doing up the smoking area out the back good and proper


Yeah drove by earlier and it was open. Apparently it opened on Friday


It’s the Commercial, Rocky O’Shea has it, he has a decent head on his shoulders. Looks very nice from outside, I’d say it could be a success


Double post


Will be in the city tomorrow and I’m due a hair cut. Where would ye recommend?


What do you think you’re dealing with here on the Limerick thread mate??


There’s about fifty barber shops in Limerick now.

I’d recommend Figaro but most lads don’t like paying €20 for a haircut. Then again, I only cut mine every 2-3 months