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The wind on that bridge in Winter would cut you


Just home out of it. The hill is definitely quieter than other years. Also not as many flash cars. Only about 50% of the vehicles are white as well which is a huge change.


Early days yet


Should be well into wedding season by now tho


It is early days, weekend of the 16th/17th would be a good time for a drive-by (


They’re usually nearly all home for the blessing of the graveyards. Which was last week I believe.


They must keep Bulgaden going for the year with all the weddings at Christmas. They all seem to have their function up there.

The Chinese takeaway in Ballingarry does a roaring trade off them too.


Which one of the fuckers is that? I had a bit of a confrontation recently with a councillor who I heard in conversation talking about how awful it was that the link road was held up but that ‘those people had rights too’. I won’t say who it was because it threatened me with Gardaí and the argument was fairly public. I told it I was looking forward to the next election and I hoped its newly created ethnic minority would be using their votes to allow it to keep its seat.

I can almost guarantee that there will be a plethora of objections to pub licenses this year with them looking for their rights to be upheld while they do fuck all to deserve same rights.


Apparently the fella that owns that place runs a very tight ship and controls them well.


Any sign of the HSE funded field hospital open only to travelers and staffed by medical staff all on o/t?


Davy Mann is a millionaire off them sure and he more or less lashing them out cans in a shed


HEARd he made 20k profit a night for three weeks off them. The cunts would only pay In 50s and not bother take the change back off the counter.


:rofl: same lad told you that the ‘asylum seekers’ leave the buggies at the bus stop?


The man doesn’t give them change. Cans a 5er. If you hand in 50 you get 10. No change allowed.


He’s only gone and bought another function room for them .




Where dat?


The Ballintemple in NCW.


Probably the only way that place will make money. A fine big establishment but never seemed to do well. There have been some good indeed great operators there over the years but none could make it good.


Too far out of the town, the NCW publicans won’t be happy to hear this!