Matters Regarding Limerick

Ha, ha, it’s getting built on the sly while Eamon is busy doing other stuff.

Class. Will definitely take advantage of Naples route. Great city.

You’d want your wits about you there!

Shannon to Naples is a serious addition for mid west foreign holiday seekers.


It is. Naples looks like a kip, but it is a good starting point for elsewhere

With the kids I will only be flying from Shannon for the foreseeable so great to have some options


It’s a great spot but dodgy. It’s right near to Pompeii though and amalfi coast.

Naples is class. Unreal at night. And located in an absolutely gorgeous area of Italy

How’s the Opera Centre looking?

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There’ll be some amount of whining over that, looks pretty cool to me

Will probably act as a traffic calming measure to a certain extent too. That area at bottom of Thomas St often has crowds milling about so it’s no harm to give them more space.

That outer bollard won’t last long. Hopefully will look well overall once it it is fully tidied up but the bollards are a bit of an eyesore; I understand EOD had them put in place. The manhole covers are fairly rickety also.

Person hole


Yes, of course. Apologies.


The chicane quarter


The absolute fucking state of the street, amazingly the traffic has really cleared up with two(almost) lanes open again. Who would have thunk it.

Don’t worry the bus lane is coming soon

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