Matters Regarding Limerick 🏙️

I’m about to go in and tell Maureen she has the wrong person, I know the Des Hanley who worked in the Bakers Kitchen and he had no sister


He doesn’t come in much I’m telling you

I’m going in agan to tell Declan he was the worst man I ever worked with in the restaurant & we ran him.


Old people and the internet

Late 80s with Arthur’s Quay in place

Plenty of free tickets for Paolo around. I heard they were handing them out free to local businesses. The Jetland and the like.

Paolo does a great show. Would highly recommend.

I’m going to Laim Gallagher tomorrow night, I’ve no interest in it tbh & it’s clashing with the euros final.

Great buzz around the city the last two days

Ye must be deaf over there from it, because we could hear it clear as day last night

Was he better than Paw Patrol?

I was saving my Paolo Nutella line for later

Depends which way the wind is blowing.

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I was chatting the bro in law,I’d say it was wall to wall with couples in their 40s.Fairly boring cunts all out for a few shandys.

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Sure that’s just where we are at now :man_shrugging:t2:


A gig for people who don’t like to go to gigs?

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Hard to believe that would be the audience for a band that were at their peak 20 years ago


That’s about the height of it. I was minding my young nieces last night as their mother and the West Limerick roaster she’s married to attended. I had a lot more craic with the cailíni than was on offer in Thomond Park I’d wager.

Little cunts. And fuck all will happen them over it.

Don’t you know that there is NOTHING for them to do all day. NO FACILITIES.

Do we need to build a shooting range?

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Hes a natural