Mayo for Sam 2019

Ye heard it here 1st lads. Get the money on early. A double with Percy would be a shrewd investment.


Who is Percy?

The pony that’s favourite for the gold cup


The what?

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Do you think the Dubs are worried that we are back to put an end to the drive for 5? Also who are the other Dublin scumbags on here? I’ve already offended a few and want to avoid making the same mistake.

I may be wrong ,but last i heard it was far from favourite

I don’t think there’s one dublin gga fan on here truth be told. @dubliner2 perhaps


Your very presence will be offensive to them.


He was on that #TheToughest show when Aidan O Shea went over to the USA for the NFL combine.

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Paddy Prendergast is the last man standing in the way of the fulfilment of the curse

I’m surprised some mental roaster hasn’t murdered him yet

Three Mayo supporters planned a hit on Carney and Prendergast after the 2017 final

Hale and hearty the last I heard about him in Tralee.

Cute hoors in kerry keeping him alive


Whatever happened to @Liqourice_Pipes? Was he just another of @chocolatemice’s alias accounts or what

Fuck off.

Calm down and have another wank for yourself

Think a son of Padraig Carney was a top college football player back in the 1980’s. Wide receiver with UCLA.