Memories of the Celtic Tiger

I don’t know but you would need €200k down for a mover to a property or €1m.

If these people had bought a 3 bed semi D 6-7 years ago in a similar area as suggested it would have been roughly €650k. With that and the mortgage costs, €200k would be very achievable with existing equity and savings.

The reality is I expect is that they got used to the mortgage being 15% of their net salaries and have the nice cars, holidays etc. along with the private school & crèche fees that currently swallowing their income.

It was indeed.

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed or maybe you don’t have to check what you spend but Oireland has become a very expensive country.

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If I thought it’d cost me 300 notes for a night out id stay home

If this was a real Celtic tiger this would be on in Lanzarote or somewhere like that.


There will be games of rock paper scissors over breakfast to decide who gets the tickets.


Every c**t and his dog has a podcast now. Really dragging the arse out of it with the “live podcast”.

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and what the fuck is a gourmet breakfast???

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Poached egg instead of fried

Avocado and sourdough.
Artisan written in front of fry up in the menu which has the laminate removed for the morning.

McCarthys sausages from Kanturk and Clonakilty black pudding

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Sprinkled with a bit of Cowboy Dust

Cc @gilgamboa

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Was bottled water a Celtic tiger thing?

Ah Ballygowan and Tipp water were there before well before the Tiger. However supermarket shelves used have exorbitant priced Fiji and Icelandic glacier water.

They disappeared off the shelves fair quick.

Predated the Celtic Tiger but I knew the end of the Tiger era was near when Superquinn started stocking Bling Water a still water in a bottle covered in Swarovski Crystals for €42 a bottle.


I do find after 17 or 18 pints of guiness a feed of glacial water is the job to cure a hangover


Glass bottles of Finches were well before the celtic tiger

I’m a big fan of the French water like Evian and Volvic. A lovely softness compared to Ballygowan.

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Not for me, I think the French waters have a metallic taste, I like Ballygowan better,
The Aqua Panna is nice water, Italian I think from the same stable as San Pelligrino

Bottled water is a cod