Memories of the Celtic Tiger


Is monastrevin a flood plain or what ?


I did some research and apparently there’s 21 bridges in or around the town so that’s where the reference to Venice comes from :joy:

Kildare folk :rofl:


It has one canal and a river, therefore obviously the Venice of Ireland


Makes sense


I always think of Doctor Herrema and Eddy Gallagher when I think of Monastrevin.


Dublin has a Rialto bridge over the Grand Canal. We also have another canal, several rivers, a restaurant called “La Gondola” and a St. Mark’s Square (on a GAA pitch in Tallaght).

Therefore Dublin is the Venice of Ireland.




Oui. What’s your point here, bud?


Fairly sure you were claiming to be from Galway recently




Dublin has more methadone clinics than rivers, bridges and canals combined. No wonder you ran away to Galway.


Please list them all.


Why? A quick google (you might be familiar with this method of research) brought up a news article that said there were 17 in 2014.


Please list them, pal.


Here you go, pal. If you need any further information, please direct your query to @Matty_Hislop


I don’t do clinics during the Galway festival I’m afraid Ambrose.


Please list them all in text form and in a numbered format.

Then write out the name of every canal, river and bridge in Dublin in a similar format, please.


:joy: I will, ya.




18 of them? That’s seriously fucked up.