Memories of the Celtic Tiger


Link is there with proof, @Sidney the poor fella is scrambling now. The shame of growing up in a cesspool of a city that is littered with methadone clinics. No wonder he now lives in an attic in Galway.


You will if you want to win the argument.

Otherwise you’ve lost it.


No, you have failed miserably here. Take your beating and fuck off.


You’re wimping out of this, mate.

Nobody likes a wimp.


You’ve been comprehensively defeated.


Limerick has a canal and gandelow races, ergo Limerick is the Venice of Ireland


And only one methadone clinic. :clap:


This is a very lame comeback.

You’re all talk but can’t walk the walk.

Put up or shut up.


That’s a serious clamping by @Ambrose_McNulty


@Sidney is seething.


You’ve the jacks dancing


The ultimate humiliation for @Ambrose_McNulty - @myboyblue coming in to try and help him out.


He’s doing just fine @Sidney, it’s you I’d be worrried about lately, is everything ok? Seriously like?


Limerick is the Paris of Ireland


He’s lashing out now. You’d think he’d take it better given that labane trounces him on a daily basis.


That was a mean spirited attack on me, but I don’t take it to heart, I’m genuinely concerned for my e-bro.


It does have a reputation for innocent people being gunned down by lunatics alright


I was surprised at that myself.


You’ve humiliated yourself here.

You’re like a British soldier trying to clamber into a leaking paddle boat at Dunkirk.


Don’t worry, pal. @The_Selfish_Giant will be along shortly to tell you that you’ve won and throw you a like. You’re his charity case around here.