Men's Facial Care

Very important to look after your face in these busy times. I purchased the below in London in February and haven’t had as much as a blackhead on my face since.

Elemis Deep Cleanse Facial Wash, Purifying Daily Wash for Men, 150 ml

A rub of this afterwards and you’re left feeling as fresh as an April shower.

Elemis Daily Moisture Boost, Hydrating Day Lotion for Men, 50 ml

@TheUlteriorMotive I’d say you’d be a man who would know the value of good facial care?


Activated Charcoal seems to be the latest craze…

HBV would have really appreciated this thread.


You’d see filthy roasters going around with 20 year old blackheads on their nose. No pride in their appearance at all

He made a cameo appearance at the weekend before being suspended again

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Really?? :joy:

What a mug…youd get a gallon of “deep cleanser” for the same price if you look in the right places



Smells lovely too.

I use a facemask twice a week and moisturise twice daily, I look 24 years of age. You’e want to watch what you eat aswell though


Any particular brand?

This is my go to face mask.


Whats a blackhead kid? Most fellas on here would be out of their teens


Good question. I was going to order one and post it up on the pints thread later on

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Bull Dog do a great range of stuff. Comes in very manly packaging too, so you don’t feel like a bit of a nufter.

It’s also a great way to relax and reflect. I come up with some of my best counter points to Sidney when I’m halfway through a 20 minute session.


That’s a lovely facial wash. One of my favouritess.

Good moisturizer too.

And so ends the forum as we knew it

This is the best yoke I ever got, quarter the time to shave or trim the beard, and will do a proper skin tight shave without destroying the skin too.

Wet and Dry OneBlade Pro Trim, Edge and Shave

nothing worse than arriving into a meeting with cheap razor burn

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for the international business travellers amongst us, how do you deal with that awful tightening of the facial skin during a longhaul? cc @TheUlteriorMotive