Was just about to go to bed last night and spotted a big fookin’ mouse haring across the living room. Absolutely shat myself, ran into my room and put a few towels under the door frame to stop him coming in and fondling me when I was asleep.

Anyway, I was talking to sam earlier and we were wondering what the best way to get him was?

Should I buy an old fashioned mouse trap?

If so should I use premium cheddar or calvita easi singles to tempt him?

Cesc4 mentioned there’s these things you can plug in that make a noise only they can hear and it makes them fook off?

Any advice much appreciated. :’(

piss on the turd

First of all apparently jam or peanut butter is better than cheese for the trap. You want them to have to stop and lick it off apparently because some of them are able to just get the cheese and leg it.

I used to have mice in the gaff and it was head wrecking. This was quite a quantity I’d say cause you could hear them scratching away in the walls in the evening. I plugged in one of those noise things and they were gone within a week and not a sighting since. And that was 2 years ago.

That said I read before that the manufacturers have been forced to change the claims on the packaging because the evidence to support their claims is sketchy. That hasn’t been my experience but I guess it depends on the brand you buy. I think mine is called PestEx. And some of them have two levels of distortion (noise and some electromagnetic thing) whereas some just have the noise thing. The thing I have has the 2 levels and as I say it’s worked for me.

thats a stupid idea, rock.

hey bandage, just get a snake in the gaf to eat the mouse. problem solved

Excellent, thanks lads.

I’ll probably get a snake first cos it’s handier. I’ll try the PestEx thing if the snake doesn’t work.

I’d use the Nally method, Shoot the little bastard

I’m surprised a mouse could survive in those conditions to be honest, come to think of it, its probably a rat as they tend to thrive in sewers and the like.

I spotted a little bastard legging it down the hallway earlier tonight and into a room full of junk. I’ve deployed the cat into the room for the night to see if he can flush him out and neutralise him.

It could be the same mouse as Bandos,they move around a lot.

It could be the same mouse as Bandos,they move around a lot.

Did he not invest in the snake?!!

We used to have a mice problem years ago and got that high pitch noise thing. It drove the clever little bastards so insane that instead of fucking off they bit through the wire from the plug to the device until it stopped working. I find a good old-fashioned trap with cheese molded onto the trap does the job. Either that or get one of those sticky pads and when you catch him throw him into the fire and listen to the squeals!

They love rasher fat. Tie it in a knot around the trap so when they tug at it to get it away…SNAAAAAP.

Edit: wrong thread.

I usually go with a bit of butter on the trap because I don’t like the hassle involved in cooking and preparing a rasher for the little fuckers.
I found a gap today that i reckon he was coming through so pumped it with expanding foam. It’ll surely kill him if he tries to eat his way through it all.

I have no idea where the cunts are getting in.
I don’t cook the rasher, I just pull off the rind.

Myself and Julio had a fairly sick encounter with a mouse at my gaff a few months back. Full of beer we spotted a mouse in the middle of the floor, a big fat fucker, so fat it could hardly run, and I managed to stamp on it. The mouse literally exploded and it’s “guts” went flying everywhere. On closer inspection though the “guts” turned out to be about 9 baby mice the mother had been harbouring.

FFS, ye got down and counted them!!

I called over to a relation a few years back and there was a stink of something burning in the house for ages. After a week or so he discovered a charred mouse in the toaster!

I didn’t get down to count them! I had to sweep them up with a dustpan.

I’ve two traps set tonight.

Ive a crowd coming to insulate the house next week, attics included, i’m hoping they run every little bastard out of the place. They chewed some wiring last year, and even rewired the house again, so now I’ve to turn on the kitchen light with the utility room light and the utility room light with the back yard light. I don’t know how they did it but they’re a highly skilled bunch.


This is still the best suggestion.