Michael Healy Rae


“I went outside like. There was my boike like. Leaning against the wall like. Gone like”

Sure you couldn’t make it up


Shane Ross couldnt help himself either


Some man to whistle


I tell you. If he was in my constituency, I’d vote for him. There’s nobody around Limerick who would inspire me to give them their vote.
I thought Tom Neville might be good out in West Limerick, but from what I’ve seen of him on tv, he’s all 3 piece suits, and fancy talk, but not saying much.
Dunno. Maybe the social democrats, but potentially too snowflakey for me. SF and PBP: No chance. FF and FG. No, on the basis that I’d like to give someone else a crack at it and see what happens. On that basis, it’ll probably have to PBP, SF, or SD… No way I’m transferring my vote up to Dublin.
Torn between voting for the person as opposed the party.