Mickee321's Sunday drives thread


Did you go for a spin somewhere with the family today, mate?


An odd thread title but I’ll bite…

Over the past 40/50 years of Sunday drives I’ve invariably managed the Ballinamore/Swanlinbar and beyond spin.

Fuck all to see bar whins/swamps/Orange bastards on occasion, but eventually you reach what’s known as Mullan Market There you may acquire an hedge trimmers, an angle grinder or other assorted valuable tools.

Only last month I purchased a heavy-duty “air-pistol”…It can whizz a popper clean through galvanised sheets.


Mullan Market :clap:


i did mate
was down around curracloe yesterday morning


Did you go for a drive last Sunday, mate? Some family time to bridge the Ireland games on Friday and tonight?


lovely excursion to an old favourite of ours yesterday
that’s Dun na Ri forest park , kingscourt, co. cavan yesterday
beautiful day
the journey there from North Kildare is very uplifting in a strange sense
that area of north west meath to south east cavan is truly frightening, the towns of Knobber and a place called Maghera ( that i thought was in Derry ) on the N2 corridor are not for the faint hearted, you can really imagine what was going thru the mind of that fella who murdered his whole family in cavan last year as one ventures deeper into this abyss.

kingscourt is pretty impoverished but the wishing well restaurant do magnificent family fare and kids have license to run riot also in there which is grand

DunNaRi is a fantasic place, i love it

i also forgot to document last sunday’s excursion to Newbridge house and farm in Donabate that was magnificent


Fuck it anyway. I was in Kingscourt for a couple of hours yesterday and drove past Dun na Ri. I lunched in Cabra Castle and we could have met up.


i just updated my post there with additional info

that’s unfortunate pal,
other wonderful excursion recently

  • Lullymore heritage park, Bog of Allen
  • Charleville Castle, Tullamore
  • clonmacnoise , offally


Newbridge House and Demesne is a lovely spot.


the farm out the back is fantastic as well
there was an armed checkpoint on the way back , just as we left the gardens and turned right back to the main road,
there was a lot barbequieing going on out there in the park also ,
id highly reccommend it to forum users as a place for a stroll on a sunny sunday


i was up around knockpatrick this evening, beautiful view of the countryside, went for a grand walk as well, it was very warm for the time of year
was down the town then in the yankee for a few pints afterwards, there was a brendan grace video on the TV grand crack
fine evening out here , will head in to king john’s castle on the way back tomorrow
jesus , id move down here in a shot you know , build a house in shanagolden or somewhere


took the “coast” road toi Listowel yesterday
turned right at Rathekeale and headed down some godforesaken boreen for about 25 miles thru Athea to get there
a fine day was had by all as we headed to Ballybunion for a ramble and it was unreal,
kerry Head to the south, loop head to the north and USA straight ahead
there is a certain sense of purgatorial penance about North Kerry - West Limerick, christ this is the middle of nowhere, Ballybunion beach is a jewel tho
Cnoc Fierna looked well as did Adare by the way


How is Rathkeale to Athea to Listowel the coast road :grinning:

Surely you should have gone via the N69 and your spiritual homeland.


Coast of the bog road


ah its more to do with off the beaten track element


There’s a stretch of bog road there I think between Athea and Ardagh, dead straight for 3 or 4 miles but hilly as fuck. It’s fair remote up around there.


i was en route from limerick city and stuck listowel into google maps,
it turned me off there and took me thru Ardagh and Athea, on the way back allright we went thru NCW that i have been informed we need to stop in next time and visit the restored Desmond Castle
there arent too many people floating around those places at all,


Google maps reckons the fastest route to Listowel from Limerick is via Athea alright, but I don’t think it takes into account the fact that you can rarely get to full speed, or that you are fucked if you’re behind a tractor.


Are you heading for a drive with your family today, pal?


updating previous few weeks

  • Howth
  • powerscourt waferfall
    Punchestown Racecoursce
    Achill Island
    Dunderry Fair in Co.Meath, absolutely outstanding
    Dalkey Castle
    Lough Gur
    Slane Castle and surrounds
    Ulster Transport Museum in Bangor - utterly magnificent

thinking of heading up to Slive Gullion Forest Park in Armagh Sunday morning
only 57 mins per google maps
any feedback @glenshane / @Cicero_Dandi?