Midlife Crisis

I’m approaching a significant birthday soon and have only recently realised that I’ve lived the majority of my days, it’s all downhill from here as they say. So I’m putting together a list of things to do before the coffin descends in 30 odd years. Any ideas or fellow members on here that feel old get on board. All have to be realistic and I’m not one for cheese, so there’ll be no “See the kids achieve something”, “Climb mt Everest”, or “Own a Ferrari” here. No doubt there’ll be a few witty lads suggesting the dungeon for this thread :rolleyes:

  1. Own a winning race horse. I’ve had a leg in a coulpe over the years but I got more vet bills than monetary bills. Just to be involved in one win from any fine equine talent would be nice.

  2. I was taking a shite the other day and noticed that I have a couple more rolls around the waste. It’s time to shed a few lbs so I’m going to start road running soon. Proper weight loss by proper methods, none of this supplement malarky.

  3. Drink the bollocks out of it like we did 20 years ago. The young lads today are all about spirits and downing poison as quick as they can. It’s been a long time since I went on a proper week long bender where copious amounts of pints are drunk and ridiculous carry on is a constant.

  4. Give up the day job and stresses that come with it.

  5. Attend Royal Ascot, a race meeting I have always wanted to don the tail coat and top hat for.

More may be added to the list over time along with ones being ticked off. :pint:

  1. Win the County Hurling Championship.

That oul’ waffle crossed my mind about 20 years ago.
Since then I’ve had a few secretive dalliances that proved that my avuncular charm was irresitible…
I’ve managed to claim a few life policies that have avoided detection by the powers that be…
I depart for weekends with mates to attend Grand Prix events…
My golf handicap has dropped from 22 to 16 but my pint intake has spiralled the other way (not daily I might add).
I now tend to answer the phone, wheretofore I suspected it was some cunt looking for money…

There’s a world of benefits to being old…

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Supplements for running?? And when are you gonna do all.this running? From pub to pub or every other week when you are not drinking the shit out of it?

Running (long distance)is bad for your overall health anyway. Why not take up squash or something of its ilk and do some weights?

If there is something that has always really interested you, like cooking, photography, Karate or whatever just give it a go. Diving, particularly with sharks, is something I really wanna do in the next few years.

[quote=“The Tipping King, post: 687862”]
I was taking a shite the other day and noticed that I have a couple more rolls around the waste. It’s time to shed a few lbs so I’m going to start road running soon. Proper weight loss by proper methods, none of this supplement malarky.

. [/quote]

Get a decent low GI cookbook. Give up gluten and drink an extra few litres of water every day. If you only did this 5 days a week you see benefits. You can drink the shit out of yourself the other 2 days. Long distance running is boring and will fuck with your joints at your age. Might be worth running a few 5k races alright but life us too short for anything more than that. Try a kettlebell class for the crack, can you swim? Invest in a bike, oatk the car a few miles from work and cycle the rest of way?

How about actually tipping a winner not to mind owning a wining horse?

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Buy a bike and train for the tour de Munster or the Wicklow 200. You’ll be like a new man. Won’t stop you having a few pints when you want and you should get to appreciate the Irish scenery on your training cycles.

While im still young, i feel im wasting away my best years working in an office while some of my buddies are off touring the world and the like. I was thinking alot about this lately and while i cant afford to jack in the job, i can do a few things to set my mind at ease. Therefore, I am heading off to Thorpe Park theme park in the coming weeks to try and conquer a fear of heights with a spin on The Swarm. Well worth a look on YouTube. It dawned on me last night that if I didn’t do it now I’ll never do it.
I’m also going to a Fatboy Slim concert this weekend to recapture some of my youth, should be a pile of shite.
I’m hoping to attend Royal Ascot if I pick up tickets. I’ll be dressing full whack, tops and tails if I go.
I’ve also preliminary booked to travel Europe maybe later in the year.

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get a motorbike.

You’re perfect, yes it’s true. But without me…


Why don’t you just move the jaxroll away from the bin.

You don’t need to get naked to have a shit. Waist/Waste.

:clap: That’s better than my effort.

TRE’s knows the score it seems, at least your proactive about it.

What does that Wicklow tour involve Mac, how much would a good bike set me back? I have endless amount of country road around me, so this may be a better option than running. Titch raises a fair point about my joints being out of sync if I go road running.

Giving up food, especially bread, is not an option. I’m not a rabbit and I’m not overly obese. I don’t eat a bollock load, I just need a bit more excercise. I’m a poor swimmer so that’s a no goer. I’m going to start drinking more water for sure. What is a kettlebell class?

:lol: :clap: Brilliant Fagan, I was thinking of all the waste resting on my waist.

Learn to swim

Commit a crime of some sort. Something that’ll give you a bit of a buzz, but doesn’t hurt anyone*. The ultimate of this i suppose would be to plan and undertake a bank job maybe, every lads fantasy.

*Going vigilante/jihad on some bankers or Fianna Fail types is absolutely acceptable.

Have an affair with your sister-in-law or your wife’s best friend

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This is the kinda shit you need to be getting into at your age…

Not he’s brother in laws wife anyways

No- She is in want of a baba, not good.

Wicklow 200 - http://www.wicklow200.ie/ - might be too soon for this year. Or have a look at http://www.wicklowadventurerace.com/. There’s one in Powerscourt on 22nd September, has a shorter version with a 6km run up the sugar loaf and a 30km cycle. You could do it with an adequate amount of training and fitness.