Miguel Delaney - wanker

Look at this arseholes twitter: “and a lot of people tragically don’t like the travelling community, and have a prejudice against them.”


I stopped following this cunt yonks back. He’s a proper wanker — think’s he’s really clever and cant stand being challenged.

He’s a total arsehole. He’s after really Pissing me off.

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Wooly has his number

Colm parkinson is making a complete tit out of himself also and seems to have no understanding of how polls work.

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A lovely bit of chain pulling by the FOTF, Miguel is seething

Lads getting riled over the next president of Ireland :joy:


This is a dry run if your man Bolsonaro gets elected in Brazil . The snowflakes would go nuts .

He’s a bad cunt. No one dies if Casey gets in.

Bolsonaro wants every Brazilian to have a gun. As it stands you’d get cut pretty easy on the Copacabana after dark but you’re unlikely to get shot.

There’s a YouTube channel callled active self protection and it features some savage shootouts from Brazil. That fucking place is the wild fucking west.

See also, this cunt

The running theme is that him, Ewan and dion all Dinny dependant people which in reality makes them Irelands, and Belo horizonte, worst people


75% of the Oirish electorate didnt vote for michael twee, pompous arseholes like this represent the 25% who did.

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Ewan and Miguel together will liberate Brazil.

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The pinko papers in England were utterly in thrall to US women’s soccerballl team .

Miguel and the rest of the journos are seething over not getting invited to write for the athletic.


It’s gas. The seethe is palpable.

A load of them have been mocking and feigning indifference to their colleagues tweeting en masse about joining The Athletic

A load of them tweeting things like…

“Delighted to announce that I’m…buying a coffee on my way back to the office” etc etc.


People are tweeting they were offering 120k a year to journalists? That jack pitts brooke is a right little tulip and was one of delenays fanboys so maybe there has been a falling out.

I clicked on one of Delaney’s articles earlier but it was almost unreadable in the independent website. Gave up after a paragraph, horribly designed.