Mike Gardiner's Country Corner

Best Radio show in Ireland by a distance :clap:



Ah man…

Your bringing me way back with this…

Mike is a stone cold legend.

Hey Good Looking
What You Got Cooking

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


What a thread :clap:


hemmed in by the dangerous ancestral tribal enemies from broadford on one side and the mean streets of limerick on the other the clonlara man rarely ventures more than three to four miles from home during his short brutish lifespan … :rolleyes:


I have lived in four different countries in three different continents over the last 2 years or so.

Bit rich considering that the last time most of the inhabitants of Scariff left the parish was on the Primary school tour

What nights/times is there good trad or rambling house type shows on Clare FM?

I remember there being one on when I would be on the way home from training a few years ago.

Just tune in very Saturday and Sunday between 10am and 1pm. You won’t be disappointed


Donnacha O’Dulaing’s Failte Isteach or RLO’s Gerry Hannon’s weird late night show are all I ever needed for my old style listening.

While I agree mike gardnier’s country corner is by far the best show on the radio and mike should be presenting the late late this BS your peddling about your world travels isn’t cutting it, I heard Puke had pulled in along with a young one running a B & B in Doolin


Went to a table quiz hosted by Donnacha years ago back in Feeagh. Fierce RA man altogether. Lots of incendiary anti brit/prod comments.

Clare Fm - the best local radio station in the country :clap: :clap: :clap:

Banging out some serious hardcore belgian trance music this evening

Some excellent toe-tappingly good diddlyi music being played as I type. The Napolean Reel I believe it was called


A shame that the game is going to interrupt such music in all fairness!

Just back from a 60th in the local, recent TG4 Glor Tire winner Michael Regan was belting out the finest of tunes…

“Your going out the same way you came in”

“Stop the world and let me off”

and a personal favourite of mine… “Friends in Low Places”

In the spirit of Garth Brooks tickets going on sale, I have been listening to stone cold country music all morning here.

Keith Anderson, George Strait, John Michael Montgomery, Rhett Atkins…

All legends in their own right.

Hey good looking
What you got cooking
How 'bout cooking something up with me!