Mike Tyson

I was under the impression he’s late teens

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Ali dismantled Sonny Liston who was the Tyson of his day. Ali’s career and legacy was ruined by conscription (what was done to him was completely criminal when you see what that cunt Trump got away with). He was also ruined by creeps and hangers on like Don King who if they hadn’t leeched all of his money off him he could have retired early and not have had those later fights which destroyed him.

The 1970s era in which he fought, between himself and Foreman, Frazier and Ken Norton was easily the best heavyweight era. Even the second rank fellas like Earnie Shavers, Ron Lyle and Jerry Quarry were tremendous boxers.


I’d agree. And I don’t think Lennox Lewis is anywhere near the conversation tbh.
Tyson could punch really hard and really fast in his prime, and would be a danger to anyone.
Ali is without doubt the GOAT for me, in every way that there is, but hit anyone hard enough and they’ll fall.

Foreman tried that and it didn’t work.

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Lewis was a superb fighter, really classy and a superb tactician, I’d give him a fighters chance against any of the greats


He was much better than Tyson.

The Thrilla in Manila is the greatest sporting dual and occasion in history.

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It was some scrap but is hard to watch now when we know what happened to Ali. The punishment they both took was horrendous and neither man was ever the same again.

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A head to head monster.

It was the very limit of human endurance. The scheduling and location of the fight was madness but that almost adds to it.

Ali spoke about it-no regrets, it was this or become a panel beater.
@Fagan_ODowd has the material point-he missed 5 years plus of his prime but he was still so good.

Where Ali has a problem against the modern guys is that he fought at around 15 stone - Lennox, Bowe, Tua, Ibeachi, even Holyfield would’ve significantly outweighed him.

Not a 21 year old Tyson, you’re way off if you don’t recognise that particular fighter was a match for anybody

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He was a world heavyweight champion at 20 ! Just a boy.the power was unreal, the snap in his punches . He had it all but was clearly nuts and very damaged. Spent the hours before the Buster Douglas fight drinking and banging hookers. He was so unfinely tuned going into most his fights after a certain point .


He was an unprecedented draw and a cultural phenomenom but he was always probably susceptible to a taller, skilled man with an elite jab and a howitzer of a right.

In totality- career, culturally, impact-he or Ali were the greatest- just maybe not in the ring.

He is an incredible pianist
the hangover GIF

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