Missing members


Nevermind those lads, where is @Scrunchie?


He’s here.


@Steven_Naimsith - hasn’t posted since the US election after he rubbished Trump’s chances throughout the campaign. Lads take internet predictions very seriously.


That’s a man of integrity. I hope he rebrands soon enough.


Did it irk you that he took your profile picture? I thought that was odd behaviour I must admit.


No, I can’t recall exactly but was there not a lot of avatar stealing going on back then? The high jinks we engage in, what?


I’d say he paid a heavy price for that in the long run. Neutralized at first sign of cover


I thought @maroonandpink was @Steven_Naimsith rebranded.


I doubt it, his Holiness was notoriously homophobic.


If it is then he’s on his 4th name as he was @Distended_Red_Anus too I think.


Jeez, Donald.


I miss @labane1917 and @KinvarasPassion. Can we not get them back @Rocko?


I only want @KinvarasPassion back,fuck them other cunts, they’re in their e-graves let them be.


Did labane get in a huff as he did on clare hurlers?


I ran him off the board.


Well if you do, I don’t.

This forum has been founded and based on up-worldly moving bulls.

The ballsy guys dictate the flow ergo: get with the programme or Fuck Off.

My good e/friend @The_Selfish_Giant has dictated the strategy, Bertie-esque, encompasses all-comers, friendly to a point, exuding bonhomie until Boom…

The essence of a forum board.


This place is like Survivor,outwit,outmanover,outplay.Only the e-strongest survive.Lightweights like the galway clique are easy pickings.


Labane finally admitted Kellyanne Conway wanted him to be her aide.


I’m not too sure about that but in my capacity as “Senior Board Member” I feel I should be allowed more Moderator rights like The Dunph had back in the day.

Fuck me, I’d straighten out a few posters.


If i had my way you’d be our vice captain boxty.