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You seem to be a wise man, bless ya.


I would consider you to be the Father of the Board, Boxty. The final say, the one to whom we should defer for judgement, counsel and advice in times of confusion, doubt and uncertainty.


You are one of the more boring aliases I’ve seen on this board. Please go away.


Where’s your manners Fitzy, you can’t speak to a lady like that. :eek:


The previous ones were not so exciting either.


I wouldn’t speak to a lady like that, but that ain’t no lady.


I drove through @labane the other night. I didn’t realise it was a place.

I subsequently stayed in the Dunraven Arms. Wonderful spot and my stay included freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast which was a huge positive.




Surely you had the famous carved ham for breakfast as well. You should have told us in advance, the Adare itinerary is a TFK speciality.


The Dunraven is massively overrated IMO


Totally. I was invited to dinner there a few years ago.
Yankee cousins were over. Had to make pit stop in Supermacs on the way home.


Couldn’t say. Living in Limerick city I’ve only ever been for weddings, never stayed over, decent Sunday lunch though. That ham is always mentioned.


Adare in general is way overrated,and full of cunts.


Stayed there a good few years back. Thought it was one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever stayed in, a big four poster bed, proper silverware used to serve breakfast in bed along with a pianist playing live in the lobby, I was well impressed, just a pity it’s in such a god forsaken hell hole of an area.


They are not proper west Limerick people.


Can we have a meeting to discuss this @Rocko? I would be looking upon this idea very favourably tbh.




Please feel free to ask the admin folk here. One user, one login. Now fuck off.


@fitzy is an alias


Expand please, fitzy is one of the soundest in these parts. As an aside if you are an alias of a certain ex portlaoiae footballer, my bro probably taught you in primary school.