Missing members


No harm no foul there I’m afraid. Truth is, he would fuck @ChocolateMice’s missus up if he ever found his balls after the 2 aul wans in the Tax office took them.


Get your horrible dingo nose out of my business.


Where’s @ChocolateMice this week?


@iron_mike ran him off the forum.


Somehow I don’t think so


@iron_mike wouldn’t run a bath


I don’t either, Mike.


He has gone to commit himself to achieving a 32 county Republic.

His alter egos are arguing away on the usual topics.


What’s you’re fucking beef gobshite?


Goulash I’d say.


A traditional Hungarian dish but I’ve given that a like; your heart was in the right place





He passed away peacefully last Friday after a short illness.

May the blessings of god be with him.


Family flowers only, by request. Donations, if desired, to Sinn Féin Óige Phoblachtach.

Ar dheis lámh dé go raibh a anam uasal.


Fuck @ChocolateMice, where the fuck is @Ebeneezer_Goode?


He’s gone with trusted tactic of…

  • taking a sabbatical
  • arrive back with a bit of fanfare
  • gather a shite loads of easy likes.


Where’s that cunt, @count_of_monte_crist - these days?


He decided to just use his @Gman log in from now on. The multi-tasking was killing him.


He’s doing 4 months in Portlaois for aggravated assault. It was in the local papers. His parents were horrified as they felt they did a good job rearing him and they’re fine upstanding people but he is a divil with the drink in him and he has ruined their good name. His brother goes up to see him occasionally but the half hour passes painfully slow as the conversation is laboured and forced.