Missing members


I’m no townie cunt pal.

Or am I.

I’ll get back to you.

Your brother was a gent though. I’m glad he got off that charge.


My bro is cleaner than clean pal. And you can be ok. Sorry had a tough wk man


I was well impressed and I’ll be staying again there next week as a result of my very positive experience.


No worries pal, life can be tough, that’s what this place is for, lashing out in the safety of weirdo online friends


Cunt of the year time again. The cue for that goon to reply endlessly to every poll related thread.

Signing into missing members for a while.




@balbec is an awful man for the snooker.


Calm down @Bandage. That post hardly merits a like.
You’re lashing out at all and sundry here since @Fran sparked you on the other thread.
It’s not very nice to see you this distressed.


Glas doesn’t follow it at all at all.


There was fuck all on telly.


You ok hon?


Liam Cahill.

Henry Martin.


Thought you were going on the missing list ?




Glas is gone lads.


Fuck up.


I’ll fuck your Mrs up.


Like you did the two spinsters? You mug.


A disgusting post. @carryharry I assume that you and your mod team will be taking appropriate action?


Fair play to @glasagusban, his big stand that got him 10 likes, lasted 3 hours. @bandage should we submit this to The Post Rating Dispute Resolution Thread?