Missing members




He could have been anything he wanted to be.


Haven’t seen @Brimmer_Bradley in awhile


He posted six hours ago on the Buff thread


I’d say the wife is taking the phone off of him.


He’s out of credit


I’m watching from a distance, I’m up the walls for May and June with juvenile matches, as hurling, camogie and football finals are all played by the end of June so it’s a mad few weeks, between the kids and myself coaching we’re involved in 7 different teams.


Just making sure you’re ok chief


I appreciate that buddy.


At least you still have access to them


My own kids ? Or access to other people’s kids ?


Jaysus :grinning:


No sign of that harmless bastard @iron_mike for the last while. Hope all’s well with him and it’s just down to being busy back in work after his 4-month holiday. I was similarly concerned about @maroonandwhite 's absence around the time of Galway’s All Ireland win but it turned out he’d been promoted to supervisor at the timber factory.


Fuck. I forgot about that quip. That should have gotten a few more likes.


I’d imagine @iron_mike is just putting the head down for his first week or two back.

He’s a great poster and by far my favourite Limerick forumite living in Kilkenny so hopefully he’ll be back in full swing soon


Fuck him. He is a dotard




@iron_mike mate


Becoming Canadian has calmed me somewhat old pal. I now look on at some of tfks arguments with mild amusement, and not with rising blood pressure. But in saying all that, fuck tipp


Ah ok mate