Missing members


Wonder has he crashed the car again?


He proclaimed a week or so ago he was about to “get back in the saddle” so maybe it has some connection to that.


haven’t seen @ironmoth posting, seems a sound lad and a great poster




He’s standing outside Victoria’s Secret in Copenhagen singing don’t take me home as we speak


Think he is safe enough so.


Please don’t take me home,
I really don’t want to go to work…

He’s done ok so far in that regards.


@ChocolateMice is gone.


A dream can never die.


Was he a Rte producer ?


Any of the NOGRA lads know what happened here? Never nice to see a lad disappear without warning. Especially one who wasn’t a complete cunt.


Doesn’t have time anymore now he’s a barista


They’ll either have to release him or charge him by now. Either way he’ll surely get bail and be back again by tomorrow.


Mrs Sullivan must have lost it and done away with him


Any sign of Tassotti?


Banned for a few days.


What did he do this time?


Turned up at Rockos house drunk as a lord and pissed in through the letterbox.


Did he rob anything this time?


No. That’s @ChocolateMice you’re thinking of.