Missing members


In all seriousness does someone have an offline contact for Fagan?

The disappearance of one of my favourite forumites is worrisome


I long to see a new post of his starting with the old reliable…”I was out in the car earlier and…”


Any aul post from him - whether it’s about excursions for fish and chips, giving Bobby a half eaten sausage or his collection of Krautrock records - would brighten up my day pal.


I think he’s moving house.



Low, but about par for you.


Drink your complan and go to sleep.


It’s lovely to see such concern over missing members. However, myself as a relatively new member, was shocked to see lack of concern for the disappearance of older members, members who I had become attached to, despite my short membership. I was appalled at the indifference that said long time members were no longer around cc @Robert_Emmet


We had a forum member pass away before,it was horrible.


Fagan fucks off everything Waterford lose an important match. He’ll be back


fagan is so old now he can’t remember his password.


My condolences. Not the same member. The missing one I’m referring to hasn’t passed on.


Just this evening @Boxtyeater gave me the 10th like on a post I made after midnight on Christmas night. Catching up I guess.

What made it particularly poignant was that @Fagan_ODowd had given it the 9th like.

For the record I continue to beat all-comers in pool, finishing the long weekend with an 11-1 tally


@codegreen Was telling me of some snooker player who was giving every comer the brush in the local last week.


I’m well older than @Fagan_ODowd and now reduced to PPS number and motor reg to stay alive.
Trust me - old age is a terrifying spectacle.


You’re well able for the arseholes on here.


In terms of giving it and taking it, @Boxtyeater is as well able as any other arsehole.


All the warnings we gave about the cheap 32in tv


What was he watching I wonder?




You’d think posters would’ve copped by now that Fagan takes 1 or 2 sabbaticals every year. He’ll be back soon, as cheerful and full of life as ever.