Missing members



All dead . But Still Alive.


@fenwaypark too


FWP was here only 2 days ago. Tass is acutally posting at this very moment.


In endless time. In Endless Art.



What happened to this guy? A great poster gone to the winds. I really miss him.


I ran him and project x off the board.




You stupid bastard.


How’s the husband?


Calm down FFS sake, he’s only gone 3 days


God dammit you’re right. The sneaky fucker snaked in and snaked out again.


What happened to @SmokinJoe?


Can someone check in on @Fagan_ODowd. I miss the doddery old bastard.


He’s run off with @KOS1987.


Off somewhere, its school holidays for that young lad down the road he assembled that trampoline for.


She wouldn’t have survived the Easter purge. Iv a feeling pj lawyers will be monitoring her future Internet activities.


Lol, I hope they are. The protests have lifted my spirits no end. She may have lost the battle but she is winning the war. A big f*** you to them, the system and every other rape apologist. I am on holidays so won’t be writing here again for a while.


Yeeeee hawwwww


With that last post, I hope your holiday is a long one. Idiot.