Missing members


I heard he’s giving her Clamidia.


Good to see @Tassotti alive and well.



That’s exactly how I picture Macroaster


He’s an innocent man


That’s the 5:30 from Heuston to Templemore.
Fuck it we love getting home for the weekend.




he’ll be beack for the SEgunda



The glib “well done” post on its own doesn’t really count. I’d love to see more Galway posters sticking around for the reminiscing, songs and stories like you’d get at an old friend’s birthday party or funeral.

Has @gaillimhmick apologised to @AppleCrumbled yet?


The Limerick lads wanting cookies and milk to go along with their medals


where’s yer man who @Mac famously commented on that his “mrs had an arse like a bag of cabbages”?


what a strange thing to say, then again, snouty is a weird fella


agreed, have you seen his “i was crying with joy” post :grinning:


thankfully, I have not.


look out for it mate , it was along the lines that he and everyone in the pub in wexford was crying with joy when limerick won


yeah @thedancingbaby he was referring to
last week then he told someone to head into a pub and slap him in the face or something- any wonder yer man is gone


ah here, no wonder his snout is so big; he’s pinnocchio, the lying cunt.


a big limerick headband tied around the fucking thing


Applecrumbled went right over the top
And the last time he was seen
Was arm in arm with John Kiely
Singing Sean South for Garryowen


Apparently he left sickened when Dowling got that goal … he didnt want NaP lads on the score sheet at all.