Missing members


Concocting a story no doubt, should be a bit of craic


he’d a huge bet on Galway


I wouldn’t miss it for the world bandage. My only regret is that I can’t take in as much as I’d like due to our involvement. My hat is off to all the Limerick supporters here, a nicer, more humble and self-deprecating group you wouldn’t meet. Regarding @AppleCrumbled, I have nothing but admiration for his enthusiasm and belief in his team which was justified. Enjoy the winter Limerick, you deserve it.


@mickee321 - look at this one :rofl:



You’re very needy this weather mate. I was too but I took @caoimhaoin advice and drank and slept the arse out of it for three days, and I’m a new man.


did you boo the shit out of all and sundry for an hour and then fuck off out the gate before injury time?


I have to say, this trend of asking mike to fight ones battles for them is very unseemly




Anyone seen @mikehunt?

Think he scurried off at around 5.15pm on Sunday but hasn’t surfaced since.

Hope he’s okay.


forgot about that little cunt, i hope he is lying in a ditch roaring like a fucking ass


@mikehunt = Johnny Glynn?


Has that @Batt_the_Ladd fella been seen since JP won the All Ireland for limerick last Sunday?


Calling @Brimmer_Bradley, sign in mate. Last post 4 days ago :laughing: :pint:

You fucking mug!


Okay I’m very worried about @mikehunt. Hasn’t surfaced since 5.15pm on All Ireland Hurling Final Sunday having spent the previous weeks populating various threads with details of all the competitions Galway were still involved in and going to win.

Has he done a @Steven_Naimsith the night Trump was elected or is something more sinister at play here? Could anyone who knows Mike reach out to him to make sure he’s okay?

I miss you @mikehunt.


The Elusive Mr Hunt ?



Has anybody seen Mike Hunt ?


a weak man and a poster of very very poor character. he is no loss


A very decent lad who got under the skin of lads here, he’ll be missed.


Never even noticed he was missing.


@mikehunt was an outstanding poster