Missing members


Size XXXL I heard.



A small man was making that assessment I assume.


If I catch him wearing one il Bury him in it. No Galway cunt has the right to wear the green and white. That includes his off spring too.


You’d catch or bury nothing, you useless cowardly cunt. All you’re able for is making a show of yourself on the internet.


:coffin: @Ambrose_McNulty


Did you wank over any graves today?


Did you wank over any graves today??


Terrible internetting, plain awful.


You need a life, seriously!


@thedancingbaby come back please


National Hunt Season is nearing…


What became of @Gary_Birtles_Lovechi ?

A Limerick man based in Cork who worked in an off licence and was stalling over whether to ask his Polish work colleague out.

Then he went dark.


He married her in the end and now calls her Princess.


He asked her out.
Her boyfriend Pavel found out and stabbed him in a vodka fueled rage.


I can confirm he did not marry the Polish lady.



Andy Reid ate him


He should come back now that limerick are a hurling powerhouse and the limerick clique walking all over cunts all the forum.


Gary was active on the Limerick members only thread in August.

Gary is doing well.


Gary was a unique Limerick poster, in that he was a nice guy that actually knew his hurling.


Did he not chop his arms and legs off in a ritual killing?