Missing members


Hope @Bandage let’s him back soon.


He was a pathetic weakling. There are plenty others filling the imaginary gap he has left. Thats the thing about the internet, theres no shortage of bland useless pointless cunts offering little or nothing.


A case in point.


I regret to inform you all that @mikehunt passed away peacefully three weeks ago. His last words were that TFK was full of Cunts and Homos. God speed Mike.


@mikehunt was good for an incoherent rant. Goodnight sweet prince.


I’m sorry that he died but that doesn’t change the fact that I can’t recall one post he ever made.
He left no imprint. He wont be remembered


I hope @mikehunt comes back soon* and puts it back to some lads putting him down here, which he will if he does.
*only if he congrats Limerick on the AI


You Limerick lads are awful insecure.


They’re gone to be an awful needy shower really.
Lord McManus even fucked away €3.2 million to try and force the other counties to love and respect and take Limerick seriously.


@mikehunt took the omerta very badly.


Limerick’s stunning All Ireland victory has so far claimed 3 (three) e-lives and one e-resurrection.

RIP @caoimhaoin, @AppleCrumbled & @mikehunt

Welcome back to the resurrected @AppleCrumbled however


I hope that the Limerick Co board give all the Limerick TFK brigade replica medals, like the one Paul Browne is getting for the stunning two week silence that had a large part to play in the victory. The Swanfather ( CC @balbec) who orchestrated it will get out to Sandy lane.


It will look good next to my Cross Country Quiz trophy.


Didn’t realise he’d left


Neither did he


:grinning:Its just being genuine pal, that’s all. 45 years, etc…galway were given congrats last year.


You’re practically one of our own at this stage.


You could say my team has done the two in a row.


When we see you at the next cup homecoming in the Well with a Limerick jersey on we can say you are truly one of us.


I’ll have one of those half and half ones.