Missing members


Yeah. If TFK has a strong social media presence we’ll end with a load of traffic. From very eager solicitors.


@tank is @Sidney


Definitely something to do with the judicial nomination there was no way back after that


Giving that a like for the effort put into it.


An awful sympathy like there




We need @RamblerRED back.


But is @Sidney @Tank


Close to the truth I think. The Kavanaugh debacle was definitely the final straw, he gambled his entire franchise on that issue only to be thwarted again by reason.


You managed to survive it yourself though, you cagey old codger.




A good Limerick GAA meltdown would have the place hoppin’. Our winter of content is no good for INTERNET forum bidness.

The Weather Thread part 2

Your decision to go dark in the lead up to the All Ireland ruined the potential expansion of the franchise


It was THE critical moment of the 2018 AI SHC. Only for it there would be harrowing interviews with Graeme Mulcahy popping up now about how he has been living a nightmare since passing the ball to a Galway chap with a couple of minutes to go. On the plus side, TFK would be alive with both delight and self-loathing.


I haven’t gone away mate, the place has gone to shit though


You’ve changed.




Ah it’s just that you’re so bland @Bandage didn’t notice you were here.


A bit of moderation? The place isn’t the same since @rocko took a back seat and handed the reins to a simpleton.


I take on board your substantive point, but I offer @Mac my full and unequivocal support.