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@Robert_Emmet Ah Jaysus no




We’re shedding members by the bucketload. Is TFK finished?

We’ve lost mainstays in @Sidney, @caoimhaoin, @Rocko, @Steven_Naimsith, @mikehunt, @KOS1987, @KIB_man, @Pikeman, @RamblerRED, @Rintintin, @Sandymount_Red, @Fran, @braz83.

Now it was probably right for some people to leave for mental health reasons (e.g. I’d log on in the morning around 7.34am and be flabbergasted to see @Sidney had been arguing between 1.40am and 4.35am with that crackpot @labane1917 about a segment on Fox News). Nonetheless, it’s still a concerning trend.

We even have some stalwarts only dipping their toes into one or two topics these days and ignoring everything else (e.g. @Big_Mick_McCarthy in NFL, @cluaindiuic in comics, @Locke in auld birds, @RaymondCrotty in UK matters, @Funtime in water safety).

Is there anything we can do as a community to make TFK a better place?


You forgot @thedancingbaby




That nettle should have been grasped years ago. Probably only two or three posters dragging the whole thing down in reality


@mickee321 will be gutted no one noticed him missing


Shut it down and just redirect to weddingsonline


We need fresh blood in. I think TFK needs a strong social media presence that will lead people back to here.

Look at the traction HBV has got on twitter ( I blocked the cunt so I havent a clue how he is doing) - But if 1 topic was picked a week to make our presence felt in the wider web sphere we will see an influx of all kinds of weird bastards signing up.


@Sidney is a nice lad, I wish him the best, but TFK is better without him. A good separation for all involved.


Getting tired of baring the weight of TFK on my shoulders


We need to call 50% of the cunts on here. We’re packed to the rafters.


When he left did he take his various identities with him?


Calling @padjo



I have a fairly elaborate theory about @Sidney in fact. He was massively at war with himself. He projected the thoughts that he had but didn’t like onto @Lebane1917 and called him all the names of the day, effectively calling himself all those names. The more he could see the logic behind Labane’s position the more he was afraid of it so the fiercer his attacks had to become. The alternative was to just reconcile himself with that side of his personality but he refused to do that. His self-image since college as a socialist wouldn’t allow it. That self-image was carved in unyielding stone.

When Brett Kavanaugh got nominated to SCOTUS and Sid realised there was decent evidence that Ford changed some details of her story something cracked. He was too invested and it shattered his psyche and self-image irreparably. Brett Kavanaugh was the straw that broke the camal’s back. He quit TFK and launched the HBV twitter the same day. The demons that his mind had separated and denied from the rest of his psyche took over. He became his own nemesis, a bit like Spiderman turning into venom or something.

Medieval anti-semitism worked something similar. Peasants were told to be ashamed of their own greed. They denied it in themselves, projected it onto Jews instead and then hated the Jews for it.

Sidney has now been consumed by the far-right leanings that he tried to repress in himself. A split personality now consumed by the most evil of those personalities. He will run the HBV twitter account and win hordes of neo-nazi followers. He will use his new fascist fans to attack everything he once cherished. His psyche has been completely destroyed and there is no stopping him. He is in a dissociative state.

The old Sidney, our friend, is gone. His actions will inevitably escalate until he is leading naive young men to burn down halting sites in the middle of the night. He is a monster that must be stopped. The only hope is that old Sidney and new Sidney can somehow be merged or reconciled into some boring Mumsnet FFG voter and there is balance between the light side and dark sides of the force. I only hope he doesn’t burn down my caravan before that happens.

Hi @Sidney.


That doesn’t even rhyme


Nope. That’s not it.