Missing members


It’s a bit weird alright.


Here are a few items which might help you to sound less of a babbling halfwit:


You seem to think that posters, and this forum, are here to serve your needs … you’re running around from thread to thread doing a lot of back seat administrating - telling posters what they should and shouldnt be saying, like you and your opinion matters. It doesnt. When we want to know about the latest advances in aids medication we will reach out to you. Until then, go fuck off for yourself, you horrid cunt.


@padjo too :cold_sweat:


must be walkies time for Brady


most fellas would be on the same wavelength as the two of us on this one. thats just a list of fucking losers, weak weak posters who couldnt hack it
we all know it.


you are saying what everyone is thinking


Some lads are afraid to speak up, this place means too much to them.


afraid of upsetting the apple tart


I’d say the two lads missed each other something awful during the outages. There’s some high class agreeing with each other going on here


You left out @Nembo_Kid & @Il_Bomber_Destro


Tossy is only a figment of somebody’s imagination, laughing his hole off at the sad case sucking his hole 24/7 :smile:


Some of us just aren’t able for the cut and thrust of hardcore internetting.


its a very serious business


That’s actually very clear to the rest of us.


I hear @Sidney is gone on some tampon sucking adventure


Down under?


I reckon @Tassotti is @Bandage 's imaginary friend


I think it’s true to say the Internet has Changed.


Did he get the hump or join a cult or what happened him. Was their a big valedictory email a la Caoimhin?