Missing members


He left without saying a word. Which was totally out of character. Which makes me wonder etc.


Let it go mate, he’s in a better place now




We applaud any man who makes it out alive, there’s been quite a few needy cunts who gave it big licks about leaving but crawled back shortly after.


It’d be a bad time of the year not to enquire as to the status of " infrequent " poster @Rintintin.
Without pressurising his commitment.


Be no Christmas starting around here without him… :neutral_face:



Have seen him around in a while. A great loss.


What was his thing? I remember the name.
@Ambrose_McNulty is sadly missed, the old cunt.


@KinvarasPassion has seen the light it would seem


Which fella was @Ambrose_McNulty?


Who was he?


No cause for alarm, it’s customary for Nogra members to take a sabbatical in January to celebrate the successful coup of 2016.


It’s like Facebook at this stage you can’t go offline for a few days without some gobshite wondering where you are


A seven paragraph resignation letter is expected now, a bit like a rambling aimless @Bandage match report.


Pretend farmer from Raheen, I’ll check the lobby of the South Court for a fella with a Dan Brown novel


Don’t bore those poor fuckers while your there please.


He was that lad who cut the legs from under a brainless nobody who’s now pretending he has no recollection of it.


Thread topic … Trump tells the truth


Yes he does, once in a blue moon.


Any sign of @HBV ?? No Friday night whiskey chat out of him…