Missing People Outside of Ireland

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Could missing people outside of Ireland actually be in Ireland.
That’s a confusing thread title.


True for you, if they’re missing they could be anywhere.

BREAKING: The Metropolitan Police officer being questioned over the disappearance of Sarah Everard has been arrested on suspicion of kidnap, murder and a separate allegation of indecent exposure.

Full statement from Scotland Yard. https://t.co/94m1J6BFAT

A body has been found in woodland in Kent

RIP @Tassotti

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Suspect rushed to hospital from police station with serious head injuries

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The Old Bill do a number on him?

He must have fallen.

I wonder if it’s the lad who shit himself climbing over the gate?

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Imagine he actually has fallen down some stairs.

He’s one of their own.

Sounds like he burned car and body.

A very strange case

It’s always chilling when this kind of psycho is a police officer.

Wasn’t there some serial killer who was a cop in the US that killed tonnes year back?

Yeah. This lad. I wonder if something similar has happened here. The suspect indecent exposure was 4 days before the murder and cops never investigated it


Searching tunnels under this lads garage now

God knows what was going on

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Tunnels? Good fuck. Thats chilling. You get the feeling the police knew shit was bad when they were giving him a going over.

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Search for this poor chap is being scaled up again with new information that he was heading for the 2 lakes in the park.


God love him. Snowboard instructor in Wyoming. Not a bad job.


Is this the lad?

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Pleads guilty after DNA evidence proved he was the killer. Hope he dies roaring the uucoam