MLB 2019


The phillies ‘win’ the Bryce Harper sweepstakes locking him down to a 13 year contract with a guaranteed 330 million. Manny Machado having penned a ten year 300 million deal last week with the padres.

Not sure how i feel about this, Phillies have gone all out in the off season adding JT Realmuto and Jean Segura to create a monstrous batting order, but 13 years, with no opt outs. You are essentially hoping for 5 good years, 4 passable ones and 4 rubbish years at the end. For a bit of a prima donna. When jersey native mike trout imo the best player in baseball could have been up for grabs next year. Hmmmm

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He’s not even that good



I’ve heard the brother at home is even better



Cardinals and Reds playing in Monterrey, Mexico on BT ESPN.

Yankees - Red Sox will be playing in London on June 29 & 30. MLB obviously looking to promote their product internationally.