MLB 2019

The phillies ‘win’ the Bryce Harper sweepstakes locking him down to a 13 year contract with a guaranteed 330 million. Manny Machado having penned a ten year 300 million deal last week with the padres.

Not sure how i feel about this, Phillies have gone all out in the off season adding JT Realmuto and Jean Segura to create a monstrous batting order, but 13 years, with no opt outs. You are essentially hoping for 5 good years, 4 passable ones and 4 rubbish years at the end. For a bit of a prima donna. When jersey native mike trout imo the best player in baseball could have been up for grabs next year. Hmmmm

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He’s not even that good


I’ve heard the brother at home is even better

Cardinals and Reds playing in Monterrey, Mexico on BT ESPN.

Yankees - Red Sox will be playing in London on June 29 & 30. MLB obviously looking to promote their product internationally.

Brewers & Cubs tied 1 - 1 about to go to the 13th inning on a wet cold afternoon in Chicago. This is grim baseball.

Bottom franchise the Giants lead the Rockies 19-2 in Colorado here

And 19-2 is the final score.

Harper pretty much a bust so far, phillies won’t even make the playoffs unless they can land some pitching help, maybe even a starter before the deadline.

The dodgers are ridiculously good, but probably need an ace out of somewhere to cement october. Otherwise its the quiet month after all star break, teams are waiting to see whether they are in with a chance or writing the year off.

Bottom in the western AL but not for long. 8-2 last ten games and clatg.

Go Giants!!

NL. The Mariners are by some distance the worst in the AL West.

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My bad. Beat the Rockies in a double header 2-1, 9 wins out of 10 now!!

Go Giants

Padres and Cubs tied 5 - 5 in the 8th inning at Wrigley.

Giants win 7 in a row, 1-0 v the Mets in the 10th inning after some calamitous defence from the Bronx boys.

.500, we are the form team of MLB!! :baseball:

Yanks got an all merciful 19 - 3 hole opening in game one of a four-game series at Fenway last night.

Game 2 coming up at midnight.


Mookie, Mookie, Mookie

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The biggest ever win the Red Sox had over the Yankees, ever!
Beat them 10-5 in the second game


Boston wins 9 - 5 tonight which moves them into the 2nd wild card spot in the AL.

Sweep coming up tomorrow.


Giants up to second in the West. 5th in the wildcard standings

How did this booboo go unnoticed on a New Yawk forum??