Moldova v Ireland

Hendrick is suspended.

Brady is concussed and the medical team will decide whether he can travel tomorrow.

Shane Long also went off with a knock late on.

We’re quite stretched.

Rumours abounding that Harry Arter, who’s already ruled out with injury, is going to switch his allegiance back to England. I don’t believe it. :eek:

David Ornstein (not the real one though) has reported on Twitter that’s he’s decided to switch after a dressing room altercation with Martin O’Neill. For what it’s worth, the real Ornstein is an impeccable source for all things Arsenal and doesn’t report bullshit. If he’s said it, the story is likely true.

The incident itself isn’t recent but has played a part in his decisions. That and :moneybag: I’m sure.

People getting mugged off by a fake Twitter account…


Paul Merson knew alright.

I’ve been mugged off. Good and proper.

Harry Arter remains fully committed to Ireland.

Now, if only he’d stop pulling out of squads with minor niggles.

I’d leave Robbie Brady out of the squad for Moldova as he was concussed last night and we should have a duty of care to him - it’s not drugby football.


+1 he was out cold. It would be dangerous to risk him. They should call up Horgan and give him a spin to fuck. It’s only Moldova

Was/is he concussed or was he merely knocked out for a few seconds?

anyone going to this?

Did some Brit hack a number years ago write a book about playing the entire Moldovan soccer team at tennis ???

Not me .

Dunno, mate.

no idea mate


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We could really struggle on Sunday. Wes might be able to replace Brady against limited opposition, though he’s far more wasteful, but no adequate replacement for Hendrick and fuck all attacking options.

What viable midfield options do we have apart from Whelan and Hoolahan? Assuming Long just had a touch of cramp at the end, we might be looking at this:

Coleman, Duffy, Clark, Ward;
Whelan, McCarthy;
Walters, Hoolahan, McClean;

Is there anyone that has a bit more creativity than Whelan and that will allow us to retain the diamond with McCarthy sitting?

O’Kane and Meyler the other midfield options

I like O’Kane. I’d give him a start.

Hopefully our Georgian friends take something from the Welsh.

Don’t really know what team we’ll put out, you’d imagine Hoolahan will get a start with Brady & Hendrick out.

The team that Bandage posted above seems the most likely. I wouldn’t mind giving O’Kane a start but it does seem unlikely that O’Neill will do that.