More GAA discipline problems

This cunt is going to ruin it for everyone. Suing the host club is just wrong, no matter what mistakes they made. Not good news for Louth though on top of everything.

[size=“5”]Fears for GAA matches as ref sues clubs over alleged assault after final
[/size]By Gerry Hand
Thursday, August 19, 2010
IN an action that could have serious implications for the GAA, a referee is suing two football clubs following an alleged assault at the end of a controversial game.

The referee sent two players off during the Sheelan Cup final between Drogheda side O’Raghallaigh’s and Glyde Rangers.

The two players from Glyde, which lost the game, were given their marching orders late in the match.

Angry Glyde fans stormed the pitch after the final whistle, where the alleged assault took place, and gardaí had to be called.

A solicitor’s letter was sent to Collon-based Mattock Rangers, where the final was played, claiming the club did not provide enough security to adequately protect him. A letter was also sent to Glyde Rangers.

Mattock chairman Terry Donegan confirmed the club had received the correspondence. “We have received a letter from solicitors representing the referee. After speaking with our own solicitors, that’s all I am prepared to say.”

Chairman of Glyde Brendan Woods said: “I am aware that Mattock received a letter and I can tell you we have also received correspondence in relation to the incident. There’s nothing I can add to that at the moment”.

While there was no official response from the Louth County Board, one source said the move could cause problems for the GAA.

"To be fair, most clubs would have just a few volunteers there to take the gate money and steward the pitch, and it is unlikely any of them would have training in crowd control.

“If this goes ahead it will leave a lot of clubs very worried and, if you take it to its logical conclusion, you could get clubs turning round and saying, ‘we are not prepared to stage any matches at our grounds because we could be sued if things go wrong’. That would create major problems for the GAA.”

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Probably harsh on the host club alright but the bottom line is referees need to be protected. It’s grand suggesting that the implication is that there will be nowhere to stage a fixture as clubs will be afraid of getting sued but you can’t have a match without a referee either. Addressing that issue takes care of the other.

It was a cup final, 3rd grade competition in GAA terms, the Carling Cup if you like, the home club probably didn’t anticipate anything like this, nor even the referee. I wonder he is in someway to blame himself, did he have umpires etc. Alot of refs draw stuff on themselves, and while i know people have to be restrained, alot of the time its only words of abuse. Sticks and stones and all that… An assualt could involve getting pulled back by the shoulder. I’d love to get inside line on this one.

Alot of GAA referees are power hungry pussies who do it for all the wrong reasons, but when the shit hits the fan, all the reasons they gave up playing come to the fore, they wer afraid of their lives on the pitch.


Well Clarkey,

Did you manage to get the shit stains out of your pantaloons?

Thinly veiled I’d happily hit a referee a few digs post there.


The actions of this bloke on the left still crack me up.

Still carrying a pile of jackets under his arm.


I didn’t really get that from runty’s post, him being a referee himself, i doubt it.

The Runt has been before disciplinary hearings recently to explain his role on the assault of a match offical.
Only for the code of omerta he be doing time right now.

The threat of impending violence is what keeps refs at the top of their game

Who told you he was a ref? He was relieved of those duties a few years back.

Some awful blackguarding going on here :lol:

Himself, he was going to go back to it after playing, it was in a thread not back too far.

Go back!!!

Not if the west and county boards have anything to do with it.


Seems to be some confusion here, I was referring to the thread starter. Shur the runt wouldn’t pack much of a punch surely.

FFS mate- your better than this

I wasn’t condoning any hitting of referees, they need to be protected, but they could make life easier for themselves.

Very poor effort though, very poor.

Better than what mate?

Just pointing out that even the GGA don’t want the Runt involved in their association, but it’s probably because heis not a paedo supporter.