More Rugby Shame

I see Anti Racism Rocko is very quiet about the Leinster players racially abusing some opposition player last night

I won’t be back at Leinster if racism is proven in this instance.

A new low for the IRFU.

It’s just a series of lows, Mr Totti.

cat got your tongue dan,rocko,wb yeats,anto etc etc

I believe the term used by the Leinster racists was “Baboon”

i thought it was “darkie”

This was his tweet:

‘Steven Sykes and Heinke van der Merwe were calling me a baboon during the scrums last night. Racism is still alive and things don’t change. I was shocked by how how blatant they were being and to think I actually thought I knew Heinke from back in the Lions days.
‘The guy then tries to shake my hand after the game. Naturally I kindly told him to f**k off. I wish them all the best with their careers.’

The fact it was more than one player racial abusing him and it was in the presence of other Leinster players goes to show how endemic racism is in Leinster rugby.

The ruggerhoof tradition is that of the white man and those charming dancing chappies from the small island colonies in the pacific.

Is this really a big story?

On the back of that Munster Rogbee guy spilling milk in Gleeson’s Spar, this is shocking.

Rugby Scum Brush Racism Row Under the Carpet

Leinster have said the racism row involving Northampton prop Brian Mujati is at an end after admitting to comments from two of the province’s players that they claim were “misinterpreted”.
Mujati claimed the remarks came from Steven Sykes and Heinke van der Merwe, whom Zimbabwe-born Mujati played alongside at South African side the Lions.
Leinster said in a statement this evening that “it was regrettable that any offence was caused” from the incident in Friday’s friendly.

Both clubs have agreed that the matter is now closed.

whats the IRFU got to say on this- i know the FAI came down hard on bohs when their player was found guilty of this


always the same with rugby. they get away with murder. two spanners batter each other with hurleys in a junior b match in wicklow or somewhere and its front page on the indo, rugger bugger gouge eyes pummel the sh1te out of each other and so on and its a bit of argy bargy . now we have a racist incident being brushed under the carpet. when an irish child made a comment to another young lad in a match in australia the story was widely reported while this carry on with two players clearly attempting to provoke an opponent is getting brushed under the carpet.

Nothing to see here

It is understood that the South African duo, who are denying using any racial slur, will claim they use the word ‘bobbejaan’ as a trigger call at the scrum which focuses the pack on the job in hand, and that it comes from their time playing in South Africa. The word translates as baboon.

:lol: :lol:

Will anyone believe that?

That’s “dog ate my homework” standard.

The Line Out Call of 3,6, Dirty Nigger, could cause some confusion as well.

Worst excuse ever.

Well puke what have you to say about this? Shannon RFC are a bunch of despicable scum.