More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


FAO of @Fitzy … tech products are typically marketed with three price points and a short lifecycle


256gb with Apple care is over 1500

Wonder if that has jumped the shark now.

The 8 seems no real change to 7.

Watch with cellular looks great but not available in this backward country cc @Tassotti


You think or you know, Mike?




Welcome to 2016 with the avatar stealing gag.


I think I brought it in during 2013 mate, if it irks you its worth it


It doesn’t, work away.


sure it doesn’t numbnuts, sure it doesnt


Is it weird (-er than usual by TFK standards) that someone has set up an alias to follow me around and tag me in things?


I’m attending a social event this weekend and we expect ‘Dave’ will be there again.

Time to exact revenge


You’re the one still obsessing about someone owing someone else a single pint after a period of months, who’s the hungry cunt?


Hardly obsessing - it was mentioned during a WhatsApp chat earlier, and some of the chaps were jokingly mustering up solutions for not getting caught again. Wind yer neck in there precious


Ye must be fierce stuck.


Rounds are silly TBH . A pure mannish thing .


What are the options being considered?


Nothing exciting or imaginative to be fair.
One of them wants to trap him into a round of us again, and then springing another few onto it, another wants to try and get him to buy us all expensive whiskey rounds if he offers, but not being whiskey drinkers, we’re fucked before that one even starts


Mal Keaveney from thugby fm scribbling about Limerick hurling on the post lately.


Jesus fucking christ.


Sew it into the welching cunt mate


If yere still out. Piss in his pint.