More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


Wait until he leaves, sneak out after him, beat him up and rob his wallet


Probably nothing in his wallet the tight cunt


Just expense receipts.



Other people’s kids… 1 & 3 … Over night … Waiting on parents to come home.


Fair play to you kid. How did they enjoy the you tube Ira documentaries?


The three year old was marching all night…


This doesn’t bode well for the future of the marriage.
Supervising kids that are practically reared for one night and he’s on here whinging.
Imagine how him and princes will be at each other’s throats when it’s 24/7.


Thanks to @Rocko’s new function I could see that it took you 15 mins to type that…


Whist eating some lunch and also answering team whatsapp query.





Hon Anna May



Went into the tea room at work today and picked up my Lidl brand actimel style yogurt and took a phone call as I filled a coffee, as I walked out the door with phone held between my ear and shoulder and coffee in one hand, yogurt in the other I decided I’d give the yogurt a good shake but was so engrossed in my phone call I shook the coffee hand instead and destroyed myself and the corridor and half of the tea room.
If could kick meself up the hole I would.


It’s a shame that that should have happened to you, of all people.


Agree. I’m a nice guy and didn’t deserve that.


I hope you burned the bollox off yourself.


Fuckin scumbag out of his mind on drink and drugs.


This one is entitled to a box in the head.