More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


She does indeed.


Could they call her Daesh in school as a compromise?


That’s something at least. It would be even more awkward if her surname was Power, Strong, Devine or something of that nature.


Be cool if Isis was a creative type and made a video of a family holiday to an Italian cultural site or something and on the last hour of school on Friday afternoon when things get relaxed, the teacher could tell the class, “we’re going to watch Isis’s video now”.


Isis De Burca


What are you saying is wrong here, @binkybarnes? That her stupid cunt of a mother called her ISIS or that children are doing what children do and rightly abusing the kid?


Sounds like a lovely name to me. Thick ignorant roasters on here would probabky have a problem with anything more exotic than Brigid.


He’s saying that ISIS should have made sure that the name they picked for themselves wouldn’t create an unfortunate situation for any child in another country who had already been innocently called that name.

That’s also an accusation that could be thrown at the IRA, to be fair.

The unfortunate situation that her classmate, who has the surname White-Power, finds herself in is all of the parents’ making.


Well this has rightly blown up in the mother’s face … The poor kid will be lucky to not end up in a mental home as the war on Isis is bound to vamp up when she enters secondary school.


Don’t insult her couture.


I suppose it’s more unfortunate than wrong but seeing as there is no “More Things that are Unfortunate, just plain Unfortunate” thread I posted it here.


No, I think it’s a retarded fucking name and clearly wrong… Some stoner thinking that naming their kid after an Egyptian goddess wasn’t going to cause problems for the kid :rollseyes: – Irregardless of the terrorist group, kids would have gone to town on her anyway.


Maybe she was named after the excellent post-metal band Isis (cc @ironmoth)


Sure there’s a poster on here who’s named after an Egyptian goddess and he’s a fucking backward mucksavage.


Yup. Reminds me of this


So I posted in the correct thread then. Thank God for that.


I had a relationship with a lady called Iseult once upon a time.


There are regular accidents on M50. If you are en route to airport then you may end up delayed and no way off it. Better to go an alternative route which gives you options if you encounter a traffic incident.

You would want your head examined to risk a holiday or city break to the M50 which a Friday flight suggests.


Lovin Dublin website I would imagine is wrong but this is their post when they heard Russell Crowe was drinking in McGrattans last week.


Its all the one O Leary will cancel his flight anyway. Id say just stay in linerick mate and save yourself a heap of hassle