More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


1 in 8, a scary percentage when you think about it. Shes got an interesting background has JLD.


Would her parents not have a word with her?


I ended up getting the eireagle €25 lids one way but I think it’s €30 return if you book online (I’ve a lift home). We cruised up. No stop after Limerick. 2hrs 15mins and dropped to the door. I wouldn’t have managed it driving I’d say. Unrale service


How was the M50?


Very quiet. Hit it around 9.15 so seemed to miss the worst of it. @Horsebox got it badly wrong as per


and the other screaming Mary @TheUlteriorMotive


Well I got a most surprising nice post out of it, m8 so I’d say I got it pretty fucking right.


My mother texts in text speak, where a lot of stuff is shortened. “Der is a bite at home 4 u” kind of thing. Anyway she uses ‘cum’ in place of ‘come’. I shudder every time she uses it but it seems worse to correct her on the cum/come matter as it would involve explaining or highlighting the difference, so I put up with it for now and avoid getting into text exchanges with her. There was a possibility yesterday that I’d have to collect her from somewhere and sure enough in the evening I got the confirmation “Can you cum 4 me later?”

Post of the Year 2017

Before 9am its a nightmare and again between 4 and 6.30. All other times its grand and you zip along.


Is she in a bad way? I could be wrong but I think she had a battle with some form of cancer as well many years ago. Or maybe it was another illness.


Upstanding. Wahey!!!


Standing in security in the airport cursing all the thick cunts who don’t know how the airport works at this stage. A big fucking roaster in front of me left his belt on and the buckle on it must have had two pounds of metal in it. Anyway seething my way through a ridiculously slow queue and didn’t I leave a bottle of water in the my bag. Fucking mugged myself right off


It’s cunts like you have the airport ruined.


You should have been pulled aside for a full cavity search for such stupidity.


Ah stop man I would have deserved it too. I’m only glad my missus wasn’t with me because I’m always giving out about thick cunts like me


The cheap cunt wouldn’t pay the fiver for the fast pass either.


And he after making a killing all week on expenses.


Can’t be giving it back faster than I get it mate


you sound very disorganised and distracted, I’d have serious concerns employing you


I wouldn’t be cut out for the hussle and bustle of an imaginary life on the mainland anyway mate.