More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


you should concentrate on what you are doing instead of giving us a blow by blow account of failing an airport security procedure because you had a bottle of water in your luggage




You should concentrate on rearing your imaginary son before he gets taken into imaginary care instead of photographing takeaway 3-in-1s in old delph.




you are absolutely seething :rofl:


deary me, you haven’t left the country yet and its already the most tiresome TFK trip yet


I’ll PM you all the bants mate


he’s on his ryanair flight now and he’s absolutely fucking seething :joy:


Amateur hour


Sorry to do this pal but


Don’t feel a bit bad about that. That’s top internetting


You’ve mixed up @Julio_Geordio and @Juhniallio you thick cunt.




Colm McCarthy has been preaching misery since I first heard of him.

I’m alright jack. Fuck off Colm.


I remember reading a lash of his “bord snip” report back around 2009 or so. It was fucking shite, betrayed a complete lack of understanding of the work of many of the state bodies he was supposedly examining. I dismissed him as a fraud and a charlatan then and I haven’t been proved wrong yet.


He wanted to pave over St Anne’s Park and the Phoenix Park at the height of the boom and build houses on them


:rofl: as good as the Hamish McJockstrap putdown back in the day


Woukd she not have typed “Can u cum 4 me l8r” ?


He literally wanted to pave paradise and put up a parking lot?

With a pink hotel, a boutique and swinging hot spot?


This guys partner is after having a heart attack and now deceased :pensive: