More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


I’m thinking of going undercover and replacing the sign on the fridge with something like:

“I never mentioned this before but I think the microwave is a right cunt!”


You should put up one with a quote bubble saying “Is anyone else concerned that the fridge has become self aware and is behaving in a passive aggressive manner?”


Where would he put that up?


His forehead


Sounds like there are more snowflakes in your place of work than the Alps.


Be a move up from A4 to A3


I’d say it’s the facilities guys. I’d say they got that at a facilities conference.


I think it’s done in the hope that people will forget the fridge is a machine that the company is supposed to maintain. Instead they’ll go “Haha imagine if the fridge could talk” and tell their friends about it.


They probably think this will go viral. Some eejit is bound to put up a post about it somewhere and we’ll be one of those best places in Ireland to work, before you know it.


Who wouldn’t want a job in a place where the fridge and microwave don’t work.


The fridge, the microwave, @Bandage is anything working in that office


Managers talking to the telly during the course of sporting events.


@Bandage phone is working anyway hes on tfk all day long :+1:


Horrendous practise. Assuming you are talking about the rugby? If thst game was on sky it doesnt happen. Bt love it


There was also an assistant manager of Cork City interviewed during the game tonight and Steve Cotterill of Birmingham City explained his team selection to Sky about 10 minutes before his game tonight when you’d think surely to fuck he should be in the dressing room.


John Cotter seems to get interviewed at least once in every Cork City game that’s on TV. Himself and Tony must be great friends at this stage


That’d be great in the gaa.


“Davy your thoughts so far?”


Waking up hungover and finding theres no fucking teabags left in the house :rage:


That’s cruel