More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


Myself and a mate were going for a swim last night at about half two in the morning. Then this young girl starts walking into the sea fully clothed. We pulled her out and started talking to her. Apparently her mate had committed suicide a few days ago and she was feeling a lot of pressure from life in general and particularly social media. After about 20mins/half an hour some of her mates showed up looking for her thank God. Not sure if she’d have done it but fucking hell, it was a bit nuts.


Fucking hell.

Would you go nightswimming often ?





Jesus. The universe works in mysterious ways.


A fair bit but mostly during the summer.


Fair fuck to the two of ye for doing that.

But your cover story won’t hold up to any serious probing

Post of the Year 2017

very happy to give that special 10th


TFK bingo. Juhy gets one like for saving a life. I get twenty one for questioning him. Waahey.


Sounds about right



Abort mission Agent Flatty.


Is that from the local whatsapp group?

@Treatystones How do you change the name on your wifi box? Could have fun with this with a couple of nosey neighbours


Login in the router and it should be under WiFi settings. usually works. For the password it’s depends on the model


Student Union politics. Muppets, the whole lot of them.


Nothing new there


Passed over for election again mate?



Stevie Gerrard Instagram account advertising tarmacadam drives


On the harmless end of the wrong scale…but someone in my office keeps putting A4 pages with quote bubbles on inanimate objects and delivering messages from them. It’s always nice to get an update from a printer, dishwasher, kitchen door or fridge. Lovely use of exclamation marks to highlight the light nature of this banter. Along these lines:

“I’m not working at the moment (unlike you!) but somebody’s going to fix me really soon!”

“It’s very cramped in here. Don’t forget to eat or remove your food before I start to get smelly!”

“Please keep me closed as it gets very noisy when I’m left open!”


that sort of shite builds a certain background level of seething