More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


I know as much as you do.


Which is fuck all - yet you think it’s enough to go on the attack with…


She said a place was offered to her late last night but it was unsuitable because it was in Co Meath and had room for just five children.


Could she not walk to Meath and leave the 1 kid in the station with the guards?


Could the guards not have drove them to Meath?


Could the father not have dropped them to Meath?


I’m comfortable in my life, and I’m happy to contribute taxes to social welfare if it means kids don’t have to be homeless.

You have to be a special type of horrible cunt not to have empathy for that.


Which kid would you have left behind in the station? The eldest or the ginger one?


The natives might set Aldi on fire again if they copped.


Why would she need to leave 1 behind if they found the family accommodation?


They only had room for 5 of them mate.




They could squeeze over.


The permanently outraged and the Twitterati are getting it for her.


Correct, that woman cant mind them they should be taken off of her


Did she get sorted for tonight? I see in 2015 they said didn’t want to move from Tallaght.


She’s been given accommodation until Monday.

She was offered accomdation last night but instead chose to make her children sleep in a garda station so she could get publicity.


If you are offered a house and refuse it on the basis of location then you are choosing to be homeless.


So she took them someplace where there was room for none of them and plastered it on social medi a
She is a disgrace.


Exactly, they should go where they’re made go. Regardless of work or family or school connections or anything like that. We could simply build a big commune in Leitrim or Donegal or some place like that where there’s loads of space and round people up move them there. Just drop them all off at one of those ghost estates and leave them at it. We could build a big wall around it then to keep them put and to defray the costs we could put them to work in warehouses in the camp. Maybe we could get the nuns to run it. That type of thing?

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