More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


Well it’s preferable to a steel bench in a Garda station. We’d all love to be able to house everyone in mansions but unfortunately that can’t be done. If you fall on hard times the State should be there to help you. If you refuse that help then you can have no complaints.


Christ on a bike, did I just hear that the housing crisis in Dublin is about to get worse during to the arrival of the pope?? It would be quite apt.

Some of the ivory tower shit you’d read here would make you sick


Jaysus what a screaming Mary you are. If i was in that position and was offered something that was not ideal but it meant I wouldn’t be dragging my kids to the local Garda station, then i would take it. At least it would be a roof over our heads and we can work out what to do after that.


It is preferable I suppose. Hard choices have to be made. Putting them in a camp might help to concentrate their minds a small bit.


Meath is horrific but not at concentration-camp levels yet.


But just to be clear, you’re ok with forced relocation?


Its not that bad.


How bad. They’d be fed, housed and I assume educated.
Beggars can’t be choosers, and untimely that’s what they are, beggars.


But your ok with people having to relocate to afford places to live in but god fucking forbid that someone on support would need to relocate.

Fuck off. I would love to live close to my mother but I cant afford it so I move to where I could afford.


Ah yeah but if you are working and paying taxes its ok for you to be forced to relocate to afford a place to live.


You’re wasting your time discussing real life stuff With that young fella. He hasn’t a fucking clue about real life. His mother travels to Dublin to cut the grass in his house.


They just interviewed your one now on the 5:30 news. A traveller. But she won’t travel to Meath.


This absolute clown thinks anyone can choose anywhere to live just because they want to. I’ve relatives on Ailesbury Road, house please or I’m camping out at the Garda station and posting a picture of it on the internet.


The hard chaws are out in force this evening.


I wonder how many kids she has had while on the housing list?

People on good wages with homes are not having 6 kids because its not affordable but on benefits off ya go and have as many as ya like everyone else will support ya.


Soft mammies boys who’ve never known a moment since hardship


Why is it hard chaw to highlight that her actions seem unreasonable on the face of it? And that the bleeding hearts react with demands that are not practical. I’ve every sympathy with those kids, they should in no way be in that position and social housing should be provided to that family.


You’re right she should be sterilised. It’s irresponsible for poor people to have children. And there she is now looking for you to pay more taxes to pay for her children.


I say fair play to her for raising her case in this manner.


No but if you dont have 2 beans to rub together or you cant put a roof over your head dont have 6 fucking kids