Motherwell v Celtic

Johansen to Stokes. 0-1. Johansen is in terrific form.

Should be 3 up. Lovely move there with Bitton and Brown heavily involved and Forrest drags his shot wide. Poor miss but we’re playing really well.

…Don’t sack McCoist, Ally McCoist, or you’ll have administration on your hands!

Wonderful singing.

Terrible officiating there to deny Guidetti a goal. Clearly onside.

Stokes goal:

Not playing as well any more, not helped by Callum Murray’s refereeing. Matthews continues to look out of form at right back, Izzy has had a couple of decent defensive interventions to snuff out half chances.

Pretty impressive from Celtic. Brown and Bitton are playing very well and were involved in great moves for the Guidetti and Forrest chances. Johansen did excellently for the Stokes goal and he’s been pressing very hard and winning the ball back in their half. Happy enough with that - much more organised than in Deila’s early days. I guess improvement and getting his style in place was going to take time. Need to finish them off with another goal or two though.

Lasley with another blatant foul and not even a talking to from the referee. Incredible.

Think we’ve upped the tempo a bit again after a slower end to the first half.

Forrest seems to be back to his best today.

Bitton should keep his place when Mulgrew returns.

Tonev on for Stokes.

Ramsden off.

Stunning football from The Celts.

Ronny Delia. :clap:

Guidetti should have squared that to Forrest. Johansen at the heart of it again.

We could be 10 up here.

Guidetti misses from inside the six yard box.

How the fuck are we not at least six up? Extraordinary. Awful miss from Guidetti.

Guidetti fucks up another sitter.

Forrest misses a sitter now.

Unreal, unbelievable.

Ah this is unbelievable. We should have scored 3 times since Il Bomber Destro mentioned we should have hit 10. Guidetti has missed four or give really really good chances.